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Fecha del Evento: 10/11/2010

The Safari detector, powered by Minelab's Full Band Spectrum (FBS) multiple frequency technology combines deep, sensitive and accurate detecting for anyone demanding both simplicity and performance. With four preset and four user programmable modes plus linear target discrimination with 51 target ID’s to help you determine the trash from the treasure, the Minelab Safari offers great performance. But don’t just take our word for it, check out what other people have been finding with the Safari on our Success Story page.

The Explorer Series has been an industry leading line of coin and relic metal detectors for over 10 years. If you haven’t heard already, the discovery of the Frome Hoard in early 2010 was made with a Minelab Explorer. For more details on this exciting discovery check out this interview with the detectorist that made the find.

The current model in the Explorer family, the Explorer SE Pro, is a great high performance detector. The Explorer SE Pro also uses FBS technology to offer you both deep detection and accurate discrimination, regardless of ground conditions and target type. With 8 preset and 6 user programmable patterns and SmartFind, the precision 2D ferrous and conductivity discrimination of the Explorer SE Pro offers superior detecting. The Explorer SE Pro will handle varying conditions with maximum results, everytime!

With these special value holiday packages available there has never been a better time to join in the fun and excitement of finding hidden coins, relics and treasures. So don’t wait, contact your local authorised Minelab dealer now and find out how you can save!


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