Minelab 2013 Partner Conference Winners

Fecha del Evento: 10/24/2013

In October, 2013 Minelab Americas held the 4rd Annual Minelab Americas Partner Conference in Las Vegas, NV. This conference was not only a great opportunity for Minelab Partners to learn more about Minelab products but also a chance for Minelab to recognize some of the outstanding performances from our authorized Minelab partners from the past fiscal year of 2013.

The winners of the Partner Excellence awards are…

  • Rob’s Detectors (Rob Allison) from Sun City, AZ. Rob was awarded with Excellence in Customer Care. This award goes to the partner in the Minelab organization that has shown incredible passion and focus on serving Minelab customers with unprecedented passion. The Customer Care Champion will often perform an extra training session or outing to ensure customers using Minelab equipment understand procedures and techniques required for a successful dig. Rob embodies all of these things and spends much of his time teaching his customers how to use Minelab technologies.
  • Serious Detecting in Ann Arbor, MI. Serious Detecting was awarded with Excellence in Business Growth – Total Percentage. This award goes to the partner in the Minelab organization that has grown their business exponentially in the past year. Serious’s business grew over 600% year over year resulting in well over three quarter of a million dollars of Minelab product purchases. This growth was done the Minelab way – natural investment in the business – growth in personnel and overall Minelab product and customer base expansion.
  • KellyCo Metal Detectors from Winter Springs, FL. KellyCo was awarded with Excellence in Business Growth – Total Revenue. This award goes to the partner in the Minelab organization that has grown their business by total purchase dollar amount in the past year. KellyCo’s business with Minelab grew over 40% year over year resulting in stellar total dollar amount growth over the 2012 fiscal year. This growth was accomplished by working directly with our sales management team at Minelab Americas, investing in training of the sales force & putting together some very creative marketing. KellyCo continues to do an excellent job of driving the education of the value of a Minelab detector through their extensive customer base and marketing prowess.
  • Chris Gholson, Arizona Outback (AZO) – from Prescott Valley, AZ. Chris was presented with the Pioneer Award. The Pioneer Award is rewards creativity, invention and entrepreneurship. The Minelab Pioneer has taken initiative to suggest, communicate & champion a new idea, policy, product or other that has resulted in improving Minelab’s position in the industry from a sales, service or industry perspective. Pioneers in American history have explored & traveled to undiscovered places and often places that are not yet understood. Chris Gholson has been a pioneer over the last several years in the area of the delivery of education to Customers both within and outside of the United States. He is highly regarded as one of the best prospectors and detectorists on the continent. Throughout the last year, Chris has been a leader in driving educational and training classes through his Customer and new prospect base regardless of their location. These efforts have resulted in Minelab Customer finding much more success using their detecting equipment.
  • Candy Harvey – from Candy’s Enterprises of Katy, TX was awarded the Minelab Eagle. The Eagle Award goes to the partner in the Minelab organization that exemplifies leadership in every aspect of our business from service to sales to technology and business feedback. The Eagle Award is the highest award Minelab Americas bestows upon a channel organization and represents a lifetime achievement in our industry. Candy has spent the last 12+ years building a world class distribution company that has delivered high quantities of Minelab product into the Latin American Countries over the last several years. Candy has proven that civic unrest, governmental instability and low quality dealers in her network cannot stymie her tenacity and focus on growing the business. She puts together channel management practices & delivery that retains her position at the top of Minelab’s list of distributors and continues to push growth into the future. Candy is truly a leader in our industry.

We also awarded five organizations Customer Care honorable mentions for outstanding Customer Service in 2013. These organizations are:

We had four organizations that achieved our Sales Excellence milestone for fiscal year 2013. This is an annual recognition for partner organizations that achieve a minimum purchase milestone of $500,000 for US & $250,000 for Canada, Central & Latin America. 

Fiscal year 2013 Sales Excellence Milestone winners are:

Minelab wishes to congratulate all of this year’s award winners for their amazing performances in the 2013 fiscal year! Minelab would also like to extend our thanks to all of our partners. Throughout any year there are too many exceptional performances to recognize. Minelab’s partners lead the way to the word “exceptional” in the metal detection industry. For this excellence, dedication, and enchantment, all of us at Minelab thank you and appreciate all you do to help us define “Why” our Customers continue to work with us!

Your Fan,

Gary Schafer

General Manager

WW Consumer Markets & Minelab Americas Operations


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