Minelab Affinity Award 2013

Fecha del Evento: 11/19/2013

I am pleased to announce that at the 2013 Minelab Partner Conference, Minelab Americas rolled out a new award that celebrates a Partner’s display of passion and teamwork within our business channel  – The Minelab Affinity Award. The inaugural Minelab Affinity Award was presented with honor to Joe DeMarco, Demarco Detector Sales from Millville, NJ.

This award recognizes the dealer who has taken a leading role within the Minelab Channel to build strong partnerships among the Channel’s membership.  This dealer is someone who willingly steps forward to help with training, an event or assists when another “Minelabber” is in need. The Affinity Award winner does this with a clear focus to ensure the entire industry improves as a result.

Minelab wishes to congratulate Joe for his outstanding efforts and consistent performances throughout all of the 2013 fiscal year!  The Affinity Award recognizes an important area of collaboration among our channel and is critical to our industry’s long-term growth. 


Your Biggest Fan,

Gary Schafer

General Manager

WW Consumer Markets & Minelab Americas Operations


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