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Fecha del Evento: 09/13/2010

Online warranty registration is now available at making it quicker and easier than ever before to register your new Minelab products. This allows you to submit your warranty form with a few simple clicks, from the comfort of your own home or office, wherever you are worldwide.

This system is available for products purchased from 1st of September 2010 onwards and in order to successfully submit your warranty online you will need to have your product serial numbers ready. The serial number you enter is validated in real time by the system, and without a valid serial number you will not be able to continue. The next steps simply require you to enter your personal details and answer a few questions, all of which is identical to the information required on the traditional paper warranty card. Once you have clicked submit you will receive a confirmation message and will also be sent an email summarising the details you have entered. Please retain this for your warranty records.

Whilst we have made every effort to capture as many serial numbers as possible for sales from 1st September 2010 there is still a chance your serial number may not be in the system if it has been in stock with your dealer for some time. If your serial number is not available to register your product please send us an email so that we can try to close any gaps that may exist.

As this is a new system we would love to hear any feedback, queries or comments you have so please send us an email. Should you encounter any problems with registering your warranty online please also drop us a line so that we can help you through registering your product.

And remember, after purchasing any new Minelab product it is important to submit your warranty information as this ensures a smoother process should you need to return it for warranty repairs or service. Although rare it also enables us to contact you should we discover any issues in the future with the product you have purchased. You might also wonder why we ask so many questions about your detecting habits. Your answers to these questions are important to us as they provide us with an insight into your wants and needs that allows us to continue to develop products with you, the detectorist in mind.

Should you feel more comfortable submitting the traditional paper warranty card don't worry, you can still continue to do so. The online warranty feature simply provides you with another option for returning your warranty details.



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